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I have chosen to apply for a degree course in working with children and young people as I enjoy learning and extending my knowledge of children and their development.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work as a qualified nursery nurse, working 5 years with Sure Start, and being heavily involved within a multi disciplinary team, and enjoying the satisfaction achieved through working as a team member and helping and sign posting disadvantages children and their families to the relevant professionals.
Throughout my time with Sure Start I undertook personal development training when the opportunities became available such as first aid, child protection and a study day at Hope University on supporting children who experience loss, grief and change.

The past year and a half has been spent at breckfield neighbourhood council within a community building and again working with disadvantaged children and their families throughout the Liverpool 5 area.

This work can be enormously rewarding and I now feel I would like to take this to the next level, gaining a degree will allow me to gain employment at the highest level in my chosen field, and give me a better choice of which route I decide to take in the field of working with children and young people.

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