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I have chosen the courses listed because I feel that these will benefit me most in my goal to become a primary school teacher.

After experiencing the BA (Hons.) Performance: Theatre at Saint Johns College, York, I decided it was not the course I wanted to do, and that a Primary Education degree would be a better preparation for teaching rather than a one year PGCE course. I have always held aspirations to become a teacher, specifically in the primary sector. Since 1999, I have held voluntary work experience placements at Holbrook Primary School, amounting to two and a half terms work in total.

After withdrawing from York, I decided to take the opportunity to extend my experience in schools on a voluntary basis at a local Special School (Beacon Hill Special School, Ipswich). This resulted in my being offered a full-time paid position as a Special Support Assistant. I have found myself inspired by the challenge of encouraging these young people to realise their potential and this has further cemented my decision to become a teacher.

I have a particular interest in drama. During High School I was a member of the Wolsey Youth Theatre in Ipswich. This involved me in various productions; The Railway Children, Watership Down, A Christmas Carol, and Roald Dahls Boy. I also participated in High School productions. I think that these skills are very important, because I have already found that drama can be a useful educational tool, especially in the early stages of learning.

I have completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, which I found a great challenge, but very rewarding. I also hold Grade 5 in Trombone, Grade 1 cornet, and Award 6 in trampolining.

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