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I have chosen a business related course as I have been interested in this field from GCSE level & I believe that I have the qualities to forge a successful career in this area. I have been inspired to fulfil this path by my Uncle, a director at a successful company in England

I feel I am a good motivator and I enjoy travelling which I believe are integral factors of business at the highest level

I participated in work experience at Haldane Fisher Ltd, a local building supplies firm that not only operates in my home town but also has key branches throughout Northern Ireland, and they also deliver goods throughout Ireland. I spent a very interesting week there where I gained valuable experience. I was fortunate to be present while the company were preparing for their annual stock take, a key point in the year for such a business. While there I gained an insight into departments such as Personnel, General Operations, Finance and Transport, I also was permitted to sit in on two separate meetings. I feel privileged that the firm was able to accommodate me in such a way and I feel I gained as much as possible from this experience. I have also worked part-time, in a local butchers where I operated as a shop assistant and in a local Hotel where I was a bar waiter at weekends

These were both demanding workplaces where one has to deal with the general public and always offer good customer service. Also in the summer of 2002 I worked full-time for the month of July in a warehouse in. This really taught me the value of a day and what can be achieved in 8 working hours. My overall experience in the workplace has taught me the value of earning your own money and it has driven me to study hard now while I’m young so that I may reap the rewards in later life

I have an avid interest in sports although I am mainly interested in two. I have played Gaelic football for Newry Mitchels G.F.C from I was 9 years old. Although I have not experienced much success I have made many friends and learned a lot about teamwork and self-discipline. I also play Basketball for my school team. This has proved rewarding as we won the All-Ireland schools Basketball league last year. We trained very hard for this and it taught us that those who work hard are rewarded eventually

I have also attended the Donegal Gaeltacht for four years where I studied Irish at a summer college for three weeks at a time. Last year I achieved “Gold Fainne” status in the spoken language. I have also met people from all around the country with whom I still keep in contact. I hope to return next year to supervise a course of younger students. I am currently studying Economics, French and Irish at A level. I hope to continue my studies to become a successful manager of a successful business.

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