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The nursing school application essay outline and sample essay below was organized using information a site visitor sent us.  Want a FREE sample essay and outline?   Check out our free sample essay writing program and send us your information today.

I.  Background in nursing

a.  Excelling as a registered nurse
b.  Experience in ICU
c.  Change in perspective

II.  Practical experience and the change

a.  Caring for patients with ventricular assist devices, ventilators, CVVH, etc.
b.  Significance of compassion and helping
c.  “You never know how strong you are…”

III.  Pursuing a master’s degree in Nurse Anesthesia

a.  Wholistic nurse
b.  Continued growth and development as a nurse/human being
c.  Sharing with others through education/interaction
d.  Teaching experience and being part of Confusion and Delirium committee
e.  Wanting more

IV.   Aspirations for the future

a.  Practicing nursing anesthesia
b.  Becoming a teacher
c.  Preparing the minds of the future
d.  Symbol of the circle

When I first entered the field of nursing, my main ambition was to excel in my practice as a registered nurse.  After completing my studies, I trained and worked as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit, taking care of patients and aiding doctors in the surgical intensive care unit, obstetrical suites, and the medical intensive care unit.  As I continued my nursing career, my perspective, goals, and outlook began to change.  Instead of simply wanting to be a great nurse, my direction and focus took a shift toward taking my profession to new heights.

When I was tasked to care after patients with ventricular assist devices, ventilators, CVVH, and Rotoprone beds because of multiple organ failure, my eyes and my heart were opened to new and profound revelations about my profession and my aspirations.  In order to work effectively and efficiently, nurses, doctors, and other medical staff need to have a compassionate heart toward their patients and toward life in general.  The stresses and challenges that have come my way throughout the years would easily have overwhelmed me if not for the care and empathy that I feel toward the patients and people that I deal with.  Having been fortunate enough to be exposed to the struggles and triumphs of the patients I deal with has given new meaning to one of my favorite quotes: “You never know how strong you are… until being strong is the only option.”  I now feel a deeper and more profound respect and responsibility toward the people around me, especially toward the patients for whom I do everything I can to play a part in saving their lives.  Now, I feel my own calling to show strength, fortitude, determination, and dedication toward my goal, that I can aid more patients on their journey to a healthy recovery.

My main reason for pursuing a master’s degree in Nurse Anesthesia is to fulfill my aspiration to become a holistic nurse who can provide services as a patient’s advocate, social worker, educator, practitioner, and comforter.  By earning a master’s degree in Nurse Anesthesia, I am hoping to encounter new and even more challenging experience that will help on my continued growth and development, not only as a practitioner, but also as a human being.  Not only will I play a critical role in life-saving procedures, but I will also have the opportunity to share my experience with others through educating patients and other colleagues in the field of nursing.  Following this path, I taught classes on hemodynamic monitoring while using the pulmonary artery catheter.  I also became a part of the Confusion and Delirium committee, which analyzes the amount of sedatives being used for every ventilated patient to evaluate if we are unnecessarily over-sedating patient’s due to delirium caused by other metabolic issues.  When I was given a performance award for providing education to other staff members, I felt extremely satisfied and fulfilled, although I had a hunger for more.

Providing education and being a part of such committees has allowed me to experience healthcare in a more holistic manner, and now I want to take that a step further by earning a master’s degree in Nursing Anesthesia.  As I pursue my studies and profession in nursing anesthesia, I hope to open the doors to new opportunities to help others.  By earning my nursing anesthesia education from this institution, I know that I will have the best chances of fulfilling my passion to help others and seeing the fruits of my labor.   Furthermore, I intend to spend the latter portion of my career as an educator, and earning a master’s degree will be essential for me to reach this goal.

Just the thought of being able to offer something as small as a few hours of my time to change or even save the life of another person is what motivates and drives me to succeed at bringing my career full circle, as a holistic nurse who will continue the tradition of education in the field of nursing, preparing those who will be the nursing and medical leaders of the future.

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