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Mathematical logic and concepts underlie functionality of practically every process from rocket science to the budget of a household. It is this diversity of application that intrigues me and makes me want to study it in depth. I feel it will give me logistic and reasoning abilities that are pivotal for virtually all areas of study, consequently giving a very strong base for a wide range of careers. My interest in mathematics dates back to primary school – I have enjoyed the challenge ever since. Throughout my O’levels in Pakistan, I received merit certificates not only for math but for all other science subjects as well. I have always marveled at the interrelation between these and math, and have always sought to explore their common underlying principles.

An opportunity to do that was when I was among the 40 top candidates selected, from all over Pakistan, by Buraq Planetary Society to participate in a ten day ‘Space Camp’. Here I was not only exposed to wider prospects of knowledge, but was given an invaluable experience of interaction with like-minded people. I also gained useful communication skills and a great confidence boost.

Due to a clash in my timetable during O’Levels, I could not take Additional Mathematics at school. Nevertheless, I decided to study the course on my own initiative. I managed to grasp the syllabus’ concepts during year 11 and achieved 96% on the paper. This was a great sense of achievement for me and encouragement to pursue my interest further. Having had no formal lessons, I developed an independent, self-reliant approach to maths which I believe is crucial for university level study. Achieving the maximum number of A grades ever in my school’s 25 year history, I was offered a full scholarship for A’Levels. However, I was not able to avail it as I moved to the UK.

I have always been active in extra curricular. Due to my immense interest in singing I have always been in the school choir and participated in many competitions and festivals including one in which I performed a solo for an audience of 2000. I also appeared in a weekly musical program for three years on national television. At school, I was elected the house Captain by the entire student body. This required a high degree of leadership as well as organisational skills and involved an active role in the student council, which meant coordinating major social events and sport competitions where I was responsible for pulling together teams for my house. This experience invariably taught me to strike a sensible balance between academics and extra curricular activities.

Last year I completed a work experience placement in an engineering firm, Enotrac, that mainly involved computer based investigation reports . Although the work itself was not directly related to my field, it was useful in giving me an insight to a professional atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to experiencing university life – it will not only give me the academic grounds to get into careers like actuarial science, research and commerce, but the social experience in itself is something to look forward to.

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