Transitional essay sample for college admissions

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This college admissions essay outline and sample paragraph is based on information sent by a reader of  our blog network.

Essay outline:

I.  Introduction

A.  Encountered challenges as a high school student
i.  My transition to middle school and high school wasn’t very smooth, which explains the not-so impressive grades I had early on.
ii.  I had difficulty with time management as a three-sport athlete and full-time high school student.

B.  Doing better in school
i.  In my sophomore year, things have gotten well as I’ve learned to overcome early challenges.
ii.  I’ve strived to do better in school and as an athlete.

C.  Reasons for applying to ____________________
i.  opportunity to learn at a higher level, attain a degree, and secure a good job
ii.  opportunity to grow as a person, socially and intellectually
iii.  having a great experience as a college student at _________________

II.  Going to ____________________

A.  Reasons for choosing a particular course/degree in __________________
B.  How to succeed in Western and stay on top
C.  Goals in life and important values I treasure

III.  Conclusion

A.  Why I make a good fit for ____________________
B.  My traits as an athlete and personal experiences that will help me succeed
C.  How college education at Western will help me secure a better future in my chosen field

First Paragraph:

Transition from middle school to high school wasn’t very smooth for me.  I also had difficulty managing time for after-school activities as a three-sport athlete.  But over time, I’ve learned how to set priorities and make time for school and other activities.  I was able to perform better at school since my sophomore year and have grown a lot as an athlete.  Using these hurdles as a stepping stone, I am ready to embark on a journey and discover my potentials on an entirely new environment away from home.  I believe that ____________________ can give me the best opportunity to be a more well-rounded individual and not just a talented athlete.  Leaving high school made me realize that there’s so much more in life that I have to explore.  I want to secure a bright future through college education and use the values I’ve developed as an athlete such as discipline and leadership to succeed.

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