The chance to enter into a prestigious college or university is not only for those who are on top of their class.  Average students can also have good chances of getting admitted in reputable universities.  So if you are one of those students who don’t have excellent grades in high school, you don’t have to feel discouraged when applying for the university where you want to study.  Just as long as you are confident that you have written a college admissions essay that the admissions officers would notice, you can really increase your chances of getting into your dream school.

Tip #1: List college admissions essay topics before writing college admissions essays.

In most colleges, there is no specific topic given to the applicants.  You are the one who would be deciding upon the topic of your essay.  Selecting a topic is a very crucial stage in the writing process.  For one, all your writing efforts would revolve around your topic.  This is why you have to make sure that you like the topic that you choose.  Your topic and the way you expound it will reveal various things about you such as your preferences, your values, and how you think.(1)

There are various college admissions essay topics you can choose from.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to your choice of topic.  The most important thing is you are able to support it and relate it to why you are applying for a specific college.  Because the college admission essay is ideally short, you have to focus on a single topic only.  You can opt to write about your reasons for your plan to enter that specific university, your skills that would make you an asset of the academic community, or your long term and short term goals.  You can find lists of topics online.(2) There are websites that could help you find the one that would suit your interest.  You can also ask your friends and family, especially those who have made it to the college where you are planning to apply.

Tip #2: Avoid going overboard in your college entrance essays.

One of the common mistakes of those who apply for college admissions is going overboard in their essays.  Some write their essays by being overly creative that sometimes the content is sacrificed.  It is not bad to render creativity to your work as long as you are not overdoing it.  Remember, creative writing professors are not necessarily the ones who will read your essay.  Keep in mind that the admissions officers would like to know you so they can decide if you are worthy to be admitted in their university.  So just make sure that you still give more importance on revealing enough information about yourself rather than just focusing on how to turn your essay into a creative masterpiece.

Although it is necessary that you introduce yourself and your interests to the admissions officers, just remember to reveal just enough information about yourself.  Make sure that the information you include is relevant to your application; you are not writing an autobiography.  If you want to let the admissions personnel know you have knowledge about the university and its faculty, just reveal enough so you won’t appear as if you’re bragging.  Although showing your confidence in your self and in your abilities is an advantage, make sure that you are not being over-confident.

Tip #3: Get help in writing college entrance essays.

In order to ensure your entrance to your desired university, ask for other people’s help.  You can ask help from your friends and family when deciding for a topic.  You can also let them read aloud your essay for you.  Aside from these, you can employ their assistance when you need someone who will comment on your essay when you are on the editing phase.  You can also approach your high school teacher to help you in your college admissions essay.

Aside from your family and peers, you can also find help from the Internet.  There are actually various websites online that would be able to help you edit and proofread your essay.  Most of these, however, will charge you for a certain amount.  But there are sites that offer free editing services.

To sum up the points discussed, you have to make sure that you are interested in the topic that you are going to write about when writing college admissions essays.  It is also important that you are being honest in what you say in your college application essay.  Make certain that you focus on your topic.  You should not also hesitate to ask for help from your peers, family, and former teachers when it comes to brainstorming and editing.  Bearing these things in mind would really help you land that spot in the admissions list.


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