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I am studying for A levels in Music, Music Technology and Business Studies at the Bournemouth and Poole College of Further Education

From a young age I developed an interest in music and music technoloy which led to me playing in school and local bands. It is only within the past two years that I’ve become interested in the business side of music, and hope to combine my skills already gained in music with business studies so I can further develop my skills in a joint degree. I think the course (music Industry management) incorporates all of the subjects which I’m taking and is one of the only courses which involves all of my current A levels.

I am a keen performer and enjoy this side of the A level Music course. I recently performed in the Bournemouth Youth Jazz Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall and have been in the band for 2 years. I also manage a folk music group which play every week at my Father’s Bar (Bar Zuka) and I think that we draw in the majority of customers. Additionally, I particiapate in the College Big Band and play in a saxophone ensemble.

My composition and arrangement skills are developing well and supported by a good working knowledge of Cubase and Sibelius. Academically, I feel that I am keeping up with the music history and that my essay writing skills are improving. I am also experienced in a number of compositional skills including Bach Chorales, Figured Bass and Serialism. I am currently undecided as to my final option for A2 Music but will probably select composition. I will however, continue with my saxophone studies and try to achieve a high grade of achievement before leaving College.

In my business studies course I cope well with balance sheets and particularly enjoy the marketing aspects of the course. Alongside studying five days a week, I’m regulary involved with Bar work, also helping out occasionaly with my Father’s accounts using the skills which I’ve gained from lessons. On the weekend mornings I work 7am-12pm shifts at the Co-operative so am used to rising early. I beleive that exercise is key to a sucessful working lifestyle and in my spare time I keep fit by attending gym and boxing sessions three times a week.

I hope to do well enough in my A levels to obtain a place at university and feel that I have the drive and commitment to achieve success. I hope to achieve a working knowledge of the music business so that I can find employment in this area and would take every opportunity of work experience whenever possible. I hope that my musicianship would be of use in contributing to university life in whatever performance groups might be available.

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