Computer Science 个人陈述

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Computer Science 个人陈述

After graduating from university for two months and with the
Telecommunication major, I worked in the VietNam Mobile
telecommunication System company (VMS). During six months working
there, my knowledge was broaden much in GSM network and computer
network which was used to collect reports from all VMS’s stations. But
then I thought I needed to look for a more creative job for everything
in VMS was always nearly completely done by the co-venture, the
foreigners. With the knowledge I took in computer network, I aimed at
a computer software programming field, where Vietnam can do alone and
compete with other countries. Now I thank myself for that right

I was influenced by what the CEO in my current company, Global
Cybersoft, said. “We are here to establish critical economies-of-scale
and compete effectively in the challenging global software outsourcing
business”. I have been working two years in this company with that
slogan in my mind. One of our products to which I contributed a lot is
a software used to control and manage the motion and behavior of a
specific robot in an IC manufacturing factory. After nearly one year
of hard working, this product was demonstrated at the SEMICON West
fair of solutions for factory automation in semiconductor field
organized in San Jose and San Francisco in July 2001.

With the goal to develop from a software programmer to a system
analyzer and designer, and then to a consultant in fields where
automation is applied, I do my best to broaden my knowledge. I
attended talkings, seminars and few-day courses held in my company and
university. Those seminars and courses were about many things from
pure programming to database, to visual modeling, a modeling where
everything is presented in diagram, to high technologies in
programming and to ISO 9001 as well. One of those seminars is about
Artificial Intelligence (AI).AI is applied to create programs capable
of working with data which both human and machine can understand. It
is so promising and so interesting that I decided to do a research
about using AI in world wide web to make a more powerful web. This
research started in June and will last for about 9 months.

During the time of working and reaping knowledge, I desire for a
systematic education. Such an education will help me approach my wish
of earning an master degree in Computer Science and following this up
with a Ph.D. Then I can go farther by utizing the high-quality,
low-cost technical expertise available in Viet Nam to provide software
products and software outsourcing services all over the world. This
work will have an important meaning of not only making myself rich but
demonstrating that Viet Nam’s engineers are capable of keeping up with
fast changing technologies, adapting to innovation and making a
productive contribution to global technology.

With my interests of Artificial Intelligence and computer programming,
I hope to study abroad for a few years, in the process of deepening my
personal and academic understanding in Information Technology. In the
long run, I envision for myself a person who contributes all the
knowledge, experiences and heart to the development of Viet Nam in
Asia and in the world.

The first time I did some thing which can be called programming was on
a programmable pocket calculator. This was a gift from my father when
I finished my 9th grade and was eligible to enter one of the most
famous high school here, the Le Hong Phong high school. I played with
this intelligent toy – that was what I think of it at that time – for
one month until my mathematic problems were too difficult to be solved
on my calculator. Then I passed the entrance test to the Ho Chi Minh
city University of Technoloy and chose the Telecommunication
department of the Electric and Electronic faculty with the goal of
grasbing the fundamentals of Electronics and Computers.

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