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‘Law’- this is a word that people in society makes use of everyday but do they know the actual meaning? I guess if they do then everyone would be as enthusiastic as I am about the legal profession. Law is a policy that regulates the attitudes and behaviours of individuals in a society; it is something that affects almost everything we do, right from just buying a bar of chocolate to committing an offence such as murder or GBH. Now imagine the kind of influence and importance of lawyers in our society today. This idea that law is involved in our everyday life with people ignorant of this is what fascinates me the most. Personally, law is a career that gives me the opportunity to be able to enliven the lives of other individuals in society.

The motivation to get into the legal profession came from the failure of past generations in my family to achieve this goal. I come from a background where one person’s failure means the automatic failure of others. This has been a trend for the past few years and I think it is time it comes to an end. Apart from the fact the legal profession has always been an enduring inspiration for me, the behaviours and attitudes coming from my past generations have also contributed to this drive for me to succeed in this particular field.

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