Computer Science 个人陈述

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Computer Science 个人陈述

I am intending to study a computing related subject as I think that
the future will be all about computers and they are also becoming ever
more necessary in all jobs and everyday life. Throughout school, my
interest in computers has always been second to none as I took
standard grade and higher and achieved good grades for both. I do
enjoy working with computers and find them interesting and fascinating
and hope to further this by doing a suitable course at university.

During my time at school I have had the privilege of being a monitor
in 3rd year, voted house captain in 5th year and becoming a senior
prefect in 6th year. As part of being house captain I was also on the
house council, this involved discussing things that we could do to
better our house and the school. I have also been appointed the
schools personnel director for the schools young enterprise scheme,
which involves keeping checks on the other members of the team to see
what they are up to. I hope that this show that I am a capable and
responsible person.

Also during my school career I have also been involved in many
sporting activities. I have been a member of my house football and
basketball teams as well as participating in the school sports in my
younger years. Outside of school I also play many sports, football,
cricket, basketball and golf.

I am also in the schools charities group, for which we work on good
and worthwhile causes in the school and are currently thinking of
other projects that we can do to help out the local community. I am
also involved in the production of the school yearbook this year.

Away from school and sports, I also enjoy my current jobs, an
ambient/checkout operator at Scotmid Brechin and working at Brechin
City Football Club on match days. I enjoy indie and hip-hop music. I
also like to watch TV when I have time, the news and sporting
programmes are what watch mostly, to keep up to date with what’s going
on in the world. I also enjoy reading a good book and the local paper.

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