History major college admissions essay outline

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This sample essay excerpt and outline is based on information sent in by a reader of our academic blog network.

Essay outline:

I. The importance of knowing your history

A. “A person or nation that does not know its own history has no future.” -Unknown
B. My history is an important influence on my decisions in life. Because of my past experiences, I’ve become a stronger and more determined person, especially when helping others.
C. I grew up in a troubled family. I had several homes and had an abusive stepmom.

II. Volunteer and work experience

A. My experience in ___________ in ____________ – I volunteered at this nursing home and I did learn a lot of things. During the summer of 2008, I learned what it truly means to be patient and understanding by interacting with a lot of nursing home residents.
B. My current job at ______________ in ______________ – I was actually complimented by one customer regarding my amazing kindness and patience toward an elderly who seemed to be confused and kept on attracting attention. This led to me earning the employee of the month award.

III. Why teaching is the perfect profession for me

A. History is very important to me and I want to help others by teaching them how to appreciate history.
B. I have a knack for giving advice to younger people.
C. I want to be a good role model among students.

IV. Why ____________ is the perfect school for me

A. _____________ can help me become a better person and teacher.
B. This school has the perfect environment that can motivate me more to achieve my goals.
C. _____________ has several options for aspiring History teachers like me.

First Paragraph of custom essay based on outline:

History is a very important aspect of the human society. Without knowing our history, we won’t be able to learn from our mistakes and move forward. This is probably the reason why an unknown individual has stated this quote: “A person or nation that does not know its own history has no future.” It’s true that in order to move forward, we have to let go of the past. But I’ve realized that history has a special purpose – to help you figure out what to do in the future. My own history is a big influence on the decisions I’ve made over the past years. I have lived in several places including ______and ________. I’ve also experienced an abusive relationship with my stepmom in ________. However, instead of dwelling on these difficult experiences, I’ve learned how to cope; these experiences raised an awareness in me that most people my age would not understand. These experiences and realizations are my guiding principles in wanting to become a history teacher. I want to teach people how to appreciate history and learn from past mistakes as I did with my own troubled history.

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