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My desire to study law at university is firmly rooted in my interest in world events and also with helping others. Law effects our everyday lives almost without us noticing. If we look at the news, there is always an aspect of law up for debate. Ethical considerations are often brought to the forefront on topics such as cloning, abortion and gay rights. I find these debates fascinating as the complexity of law continues to astound me.

Work experience at the offices of a local solicitor gave me valuable insight into work in the legal domain. I worked there for a week reading cases, helping with research and sorting files. I was given the opportunity to talk to a barrister which I found very useful and also sat in the petty sessions court for a morning. Working here reinforced that I definitely wanted to be involved in law. At the end of term, I intend to sit in the crown court for more experience of a court room situation. In addition to this, I have a placement with a law firm in Manchester for a month next summer.

By studying AS level law without a tutor I feel I am well prepared to work at university as I have become accustomed to independent study. My English lessons have enabled me to write coherently and succinctly to present my view from various different stances whilst my study of French has taught me not only the language but a knowledge of French literature and the ability to debate controversial topics.

In September of this year, I was appointed prefect at my school. This involves helping out younger pupils and carrying out duties. In the past, I have held the responsibility of house captain of badminton and last year I was a bookstore monitor. After my GCSEs, I was given a General Excellence award for my results.

I have been playing the double bass for four years and am currently working towards grade seven. I am at the same level on the piano and last summer, played solo at the town jazz and blues festival. I play in the school jazz band, a string ensemble as well as singing in the choir. Besides practical playing, I have also achieved grade five in music theory. As a member of the French debating team, I have learned to think quickly, not only for a counter argument but to translate it into French. Taking part in two French exchanges has benefited me greatly both academically and in enabling me to realise that I can live away from home. Last year, I joined the WELB Senior Youth Orchestra and before our tour to Madrid, was appointed section principle. As I have some knowledge of basic guitar skills, I volunteered to teach beginners for six months as part of the Limavady Musicians Collective.

Socialising is important to me as I find that it is the best way to unwind after working hard all week. It also is an opportunity to meet new people and relax with friends. Through working in the canteen of a local community centre, I have improved my communication skills by interacting with the elderly, the disabled and those with learning disabilities. Currently, I work at a dog kennels and cattery. To complete our jobs quickly and effectively, we must work as a team. For two years, I attended football training at school and captained a five-side-team in a youth club tournament. This provided me with a chance to work as part of a team and also to develop my leadership skills. For the past year and a half, I have participated in girls rugby training as the intensive workouts keep me fit and I can help with the training of junior pupils. As well as my involvement in team sport, I have been horse riding regularly for the past nine years. Although I rode competitively as a child, I now ride merely for enjoyment.

I am looking forward to starting a law degree and am excited at the prospect of moving away from home. I feel that I am academically and socially equipped for all that university life has to offer and hope that you award me with the privilege of an offer from your university for my chosen course.

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