If you’re all set to apply for college yet have just the average grades to make it, boost your chances of getting in by writing an excellent college admissions essay.  Members of college admissions panels are usually seasoned at judging students based on the essays that they’ve written and could very well get tired of those that not only reveal a little about the student but are generally boring and poorly written.  Some colleges and universities however have gotten past the boring 250-word essays about one’s skills and have instead devised application topics and questions that are wacky, wild, and outright weird.  The University of Chicago is one such institution that is famous for having weird topics and questions that not only encourage creativity but make the application process a fun and memorable one.(1)  Some found the approach to be even more difficult than writing about why one wants to go to a certain college.  However, the answers to these questions often reveal more about the applicant.  So dredge up those wild, wacky and weird memories and turn them into the winning pieces that will get you into the college of your dreams.

*  Advantages of having a weird and unusual topic for your college admission essay

Both the applicant and the academic institution he or she is applying for can benefit from having these weird and wacky essay topics and prompts.  For colleges, having an off-beat prompt for the college admission essay ensures them that they will be getting answers that are more than just arbitrary submissions from students.  Having weird topics also ensure that students don’t rely on websites that sell pre-packed essays answering the most dour questions such as what is one’s best quality.  A school that poses quirky topics also markets itself as being a hip and intellectual place where students with the same inclination can find their place.(2)

For applicants, weird prompts from your desired school can bring out the best in you.  Offbeat questions and topics encourage the applicant to be more creative in expressing their thoughts to the issue at hand.  Weird topics also guarantee no wrong answers, but one has to make an essay that is creative and engaging enough to pass muster.  Though the topics may seem mind-boggling at first, these are actually quite easy to write after due reflection.  However, bear in mind to stick close to what the prompt or question is in order to avoid getting carried away in writing your college admission essay.  Also be mindful of word number, style, and format.

*  Pitfalls of having an unusual topic for your essays for college applications

However, not all quirky ideas get the best results.  Aside from applicants, parents themselves are having a hard time deciphering weird essay topics and prompts.  Some even see these weird questions unnecessary, adding even more stress to already stressed out applicants.  There are some who believe that these kinds of weird questions only serve to amuse members of admissions panels who are bored from reading thousands of standard department store-type essays.(3)  Others see these types of topics to be excuses for weeding out more applicants and reducing the number of accepted enrollees to further uphold the exclusive status of most schools.  Students who get too enamored with writing about weird topics and experiences may also fall into the trap of rambling on and not answering the question at hand.  Those who also rely on online sources may also find it hard to get sample essays to base their admission pieces on as the prompts given to them by universities often get wackier and more creative every year.

Some colleges and academic institutions have also felt the brunt of their actions, getting minimal applications and many essays that missed the mark.  They reverted back to conventional, if less radical questions, in order to attract applicants who are not up to the challenge of thinking out of the box.

*  Making weird topics in your essays for college admission more engaging to read

Having a unique and out-of-this-world piece doesn’t always guarantee a slot in one’s dream college or university.  In fact, despite the fact that admissions panel members expect wacky and fun pieces from applicants, pieces that are just too weird also turn them off.  The trick is to find the right balance between quirkiness and coherence.  Make your piece an easy read by using easily understood terms and phrases and use these in unique and original ways that show off your skill with words and comprehension.  If you want to follow a certain style or theme of writing, make sure to sustain it until the end.

Quirky and weird college admission essays may go round and round in every which way creativity and aesthetics go.  However, applicants who employ this kind of approach to writing a college admission essay should always remember to pack a lot in the punchline.  A strong thesis statement would help anchor your essay together, making it come across as unique and creative at the same time.


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