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In today’s world, economics associated disciplines are of fundamental
significance and application, which has encouraged me to pursue a
degree in Economics. I am enormously enjoying studying Mathematics at
‘A’ level and believe that my strong mathematical background will
enable me to have an excellent basis in which to engage in the study
of Economics. My passionate interest in economics is continually
strengthened by my regular reading of ‘The Economist’ and ‘The
Financial Times’.

Work experience that I have recently completed at South Staffordshire
Council (Accounts & Finance Department) has enforced my comprehension
of the functional applications of economics. Having attended an open
day at PricewaterhouseCoopers I have learnt about the assortment of
careers that come about from the study of Economics, and the everyday
work involved.

At school I have been handed many responsibilities, including being
‘form leader’ and being assigned the role of a prefect. Skills I have
built from these responsibilities include the organizations of others,
along with teamwork and the ability to represent my fellow pupils. My
other areas of interest have provided me with the opportunity to
attend lectures on chemistry at Villiers Park, Birmingham where I was
chosen to represent my school. Currently, I am involved in completing
an AVCE ICT course at my school, which has enabled me to have the
ability to strengthen and vastly increase my skills in Information
Communication Technology.

During my free time I keep myself informed of recent news by reading
newspapers such as “The Times” and “The Guardian”. I regularly attend
the gym and also participate in sports such as tennis and swimming.
Also I enjoy singing in the school choir. At the weekends I am
actively involved in the running of the family business, where I have
developed my communication skills, from engaging with customers and
the public, and also my business skills.

I trust that throughout this brief statement I have satisfied you of
my interest and commitment to the study of Economics. I believe I will
make an important contribution to your university and aspire to have
the opportunity to demonstrate this to you.

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