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I have always enjoyed trying to find out how things work and why they
work that way. When I was younger it was mechanical but as I grew
older the emphasis shifted to more scientific explanations. At
G.C.S.E. this interest found a home in the subject of physics. It
enthralled me and encouraged me to read and lap up information of the
universe and all aspects of the subject. As A level with a better
understanding of physics I re-read a brief history of time and went on
to read in search of Schordingers Cat and An Elegant Universe by B.
Green. It was from these books my interest in Astrophysics and
cosmology was nurtured and grew into the aspect of physics which I
enjoyed most and most interested me. From early in my A level’s I
formulated a theory of my own which I adapted and expanded as my
knowledge grew, on the formation of the universe. It is now with my
keen interest in this aspect of physics I wish to continue to increase
my knowledge and understanding so that I can take it farther.

Other than my interest in physics and Astrophysics I enjoy helping out
in local amateur theatrical groups and productions by working in the
technical crew, as a lighting and sound engineer. Myself and two other
people assemble a technical crew and a setup to set a budget to aid
the production. For the production of Fame by Prince William School I
produced a CD for the cast using live recordings and Digital editing
on my PC. This leads to my interest in computing, for, using programs,
programming and sound production and editing.

I enjoy sports, I swim, ski, play tennis and golf, sail and play
badminton. In addition to this I am heavily involved in the local
men’s basketball team which I helped set last year. In our first year
we entered the 2nd division and came 2nd and won the League trophy.

In the sixth form I fund rise by running and stocking a vending
machine. I am a sixth form prefect and representative. The duties
include organising events, monitoring an area and representing the 6th
form views and wishes. During my A levels I have also helped out in
classes teaching alongside the normal teacher. I have been involved in
a class leading up to their G.C.S.E.’s and taken on year 9 classes

I work part time at the local Supermarket as a supervisor over between
3 and 8 people, and have been there for 2 years.

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