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My ultimate goal is to become a primary school teacher.

I have a fondness for children and believe that they can be taught valuable life lessons during their time in primary school in addition to the content of the National Curriculum. This will help them to grow emotionally and mentally into mature young people and it is this that I want to be a part of. I also remember the teachers that earned the respect of their classes which inspired me to learn when I was in primary education. I am passionate about having this positive input into the lives of young children. It is widely recognised that males are under-represented in the teaching profession as a whole, but in the primary age range in particular and it is my ambition to become a good male role model for the next generation.

I have work experience in an educational environment and have voluntarily worked as a teaching assistant at a Primary School where I rotated between years 2 to 6 helping children with their work and various projects; for example I assisted a group of children from year 4 in building an electronic car and contributed to the year 6 leavers’ assembly by examining the quality and progress of their work.

I also worked in a Roman Catholic Primary School on a voluntary placement, again as a teaching assistant. I spent the week supporting the teaching of year 6 children, dividing my time between helping out the class as a whole and providing extra support for pupils with learning disabilities, such as Asperger Syndrome. In addition to this I supervised children of all ages in before and aftercare, outside the school opening hours.

Before continuing my studies I decided to take one year out from education and to gain more experience before September 2009. I have applied to become a teaching assistant in order to add to my first-hand experience in the classroom and to enhance my interpersonal skills so that I am fully prepared for both the academic and vocational aspects of this course. This temporary position will also provide me with a clear understanding of the full role and responsibilities of a qualified teacher such as planning lessons and contributing towards school events. Consequently this current year will also prepare me for life after graduation, as well as within the classroom environment.

I have many interests outside academia and spend my leisure time listening to a diverse range of music genres, going to my local gymnasium, walking, reading around history, and playing computer games. I also enjoy socialising with friends and going to the cinema.

The prospect of studying primary education at a higher level is greatly exciting to me as I feel that the challenges presented by this will help me to develop as a person and give me the opportunity to instil a love of learning and the value of education in young children. I am also confident that the work placements throughout the course will provide relevant, practical experience alongside my studies and refine my written and spoken communication skills still further.

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