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The word philosophy originates from the ancient Greek word philosophia meaning love of knowledge. A year on from my first lesson and I find myself in love with knowledge. What is good? What is identity?, determinism or indeterminism?, dualism or materialism?. I am often caught up in heated debates with my friend, who is a firm atheist, defending the design argument or criticizing materialism. What started as curiosity quickly became a hobby and within a few weeks of starting philosophy and ethics I had found myself reading Totem and taboo and after the selfish gene. For the first time in my life I enjoyed writing coursework, I wrote the entire 2,000 word essay from scratch a week after it was set and received an A for my labor of love.

I am currently studying Psychology, Economics and Philosophy and ethics for my a-levels and have enjoyed aspects of all three, I enjoy applying economic theories to the real world and how the economy copes with various setbacks, I have been interested in the human mind for as long as I can remember, I always analyze peoples reaction upon being told sad news, or a joke, and so, understandably I expected psychology to be my favorite subject at a-level. I was wrong. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a subject as much as I have philosophy and ethics.

Despite my love of philosophy I had some trouble choosing a university degree that I was happy with, whereas I knew that I would love to do philosophy at university, here would it lead to? My parents suggested that I do psychology instead as it leads into a job more readily than philosophy. But after weeks of deliberation I finally decided that I would be disappointed if I didnt take this opportunity presented to me.

I have an intense interest in music and have over the last few months I have been teaching myself guitar and hope to start learning bass guitar after Christmas. I have done volunteer work at Oriel High, redecorating the animal care workshop and helping with summer school project for a deprived area. And am currently looking into being involved in the local Duke of Edinburgh group.

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