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I come from xxxxx, the western part of China, which is abundant in natural resources, such as petroleum, natural gas, and coal. However, the exploitation of these rich natural resources is still lagging far behind, with a much lower economic status in the country. Each time I go back to my hometown, I will gain a deep understanding of such a tremendous gap existing in the open and developed cities and my backward and underdeveloped hometown. Thus I have been constantly spurring on by a keen desire to apply what I have learned to fully develop these valuable natural resources in my hometown in a form of project management and with minimum input, including time, technique and manpower. I earnestly hope that this move will bring along the rapid development of my hometown.

Due to the backwardness of my hometown, especially in education, when I first entered the university, I remained the last one in my class with regard to academic records for quite some time. I didn’t feel ashamed of this, instead I kept learning from the strong points of my classmates so as to offset my weakness. Two years’ hard work finally turned out fruitful results, with my grades ranking on the top list in the class in the second half of my college years. My major mainly deals with comparing different effects exerted by various operating conditions on the chemical production process in view of its similarities and dissimilarities in order to adjust the original control through feedback and choose the optimum technological route. Up till now, I have been adopting this methodology in my work. I am used to taking each project as a system, trying to seek the best balanced point in the quality, cost and rate of process after making clear the target and indispensable requirements.

After graduation, I worked in a joint venture, where I gained an opportunity to communicate and exchange with colleagues from all parts of the world. My sincere exchanges of ideas with others, together with my tolerance and modesty to listen to and accept other people’s suggestions, has made me a trustworthy person and won me many long-standing friends. Since I was engaged in quite a few joint-venture projects, doing practical and concrete work in so many posts as quotation, design, purchase and construction supervision, I familiarized myself with the whole set of procedures in project development. My colleagues and I were awarded with the ” 150 Safe Working Hours Prize” in all the projects we had undertaken. When I was a construction supervisor, what impressed most was the constant complaints in the construction site, resulting from blunders committed in material supply, disagreement between the working sheet and the on-the-spot situation, and substandard materials. All these problems are caused simply because of the discrepancy between our domestic and foreign technical specifications, and the lack of experience when most of our staff members undertake international projects. In view of this, I made every endeavor to seek a satisfactory solution plan, shuttling back and forth between the department of designing and purchasing and the unit in charge of construction for the sake of coordination. Although the problem got settled at last by flexibly using the materials and manpower at hand, the matter remaining unsettled is that China is badly in want of talented personnel in engineering management which can be quickly integrated into the international community. This realization impressed and worried me most.

That’s why I have chosen learning engineering management or project management as another chance for my self-improvement. Shortly after the 90′s, project management has been widely applied from construction, national defence industry to trades like electronics, communications, computer, pharmacy, and finance. I am fully aware that modern society is badly in need of personnel in project (engineering) management. Considering the rapid growth of fierce competition in the economic field, more complicated organizational structure, the urgent need of solution plans made by the whole team, and the pressure of lowering costs, project managers and his team members are thus entrusted with greater responsibility and power. They should not only be capable of carrying out plans, but also be able to manage contracts, have a clear idea of what’s going on with financial affairs, and work efficiently with their clients. In my hometown, many enterprises are still slow in substantially promoting their economic benefits, and they can’t guarantee the quality of most foundation engineering. This phenomenon has resulted from the lower level of project management. As for engineering management, it is a perfect combination of engineering and business administration, and focuses on the cultivation of students’ ability to research and develop comprehensive products as well as bring these products to the market.

I hope after this training in project (engineering) management, my ability could be greatly facilitated in business scope management, time management, cost management, human resources management, risk management, quality management, contract management, communication management, and integrated management. I earnestly wish for an opportunity to pursue advanced studies in your esteemed university, where I am able to exchange experience and ideas with fellow students coming from all over the world and forge profound friendship with each other. Most important of all, I want to learn from the valuable experience accumulated by those large-scale international engineering companies through my practice. When time ripens, I am thinking of setting up an engineering company of my own, by means of which I can introduce potential domestic projects to the international market through Internet for a long period of time, assist investors in risk analysis and fund-raising, and exercise an appropriate supervision over smooth implementation of projects.

Bei Yuming, a great master of architecture, is well versed in the learning of both ancient and modern times, and the quintessence of both eastern and western culture. Therefore he could naturally make a perfect combination of both Chinese and foreign architecture and arts with each possessing its own characteristics, and his outstanding ability has been widely appraised. After China’s entry into the WTO, while preserving its own distinguishing features, China is about to join in the big cycling of the world economy. Under such favorable circumstances, I am planning to pursue advanced studies abroad, and apply what I have learned, including sophisticated engineering knowledge, to the actual situation of my country. I wish I would also make a perfect combination of it by my ceaseless efforts, thus making my own contributions to the prosperity and development of both my hometown and my beloved motherland.

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Your esteemed University has a long-standing history of 125 years, and always adheres to your unique educational philosophy, which have a strong appeal to me. Without the confinement of fixed specialties, students can freely and heartily roam in the vast and resourceful sea of knowledge. What is far more fantastic is that your esteemed school will provide a golden opportunity for students to do fieldwork in the world’s top enterprises such as IBM and GTE each summer vacation.

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