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I have chosen to study Philosophy because I find the subject stimulating and enjoyable. I find the ideas of great philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle exciting particularly Plato’s Myth of the Cave

I have done a substantial amount of reading on the subject of philosophy including Plato’s ‘Republic’ and ‘Sophie’s World’ by Jostien Gaarder. During my AS level Religious Studies course I enjoyed learning the foundation of many ethical theories for example utilitarianism, natural law and situation ethics. I found the ideas of Kant and Augustine on the problem of free will particularly fascinating. I am currently working on a piece of coursework based on the philosophy of religion and the problem of evil and I find the dilemmas which arise from this problem intriguing

I enjoy my English Literature course because I like analysing the texts. I like to read novels and go to the theatre in my spare time. I have particularly enjoyed the performance of ‘Othello’ at Stratford and the recent tour of ‘Stomp’. I wish to further my studies in philosophy and improve my analytical skills. I believe that the skills and knowledge required for philosophy are of great importance in the 21st century world as it forms the base for many reasoned arguments and evaluates our judgements and decisions

I have had several part time jobs and these have allowed me to work closely with the public, solve problems as a member of a team and give me financial independence. I am a member of Amnesty International and support their ongoing campaigns. I have completed my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh awards. Through this I have gained new skills and improved others. I have learnt essential map reading skills and basic first aid and improved my teamwork and communications skills

I am fond of music and have achieved Grade four in Piano. I also play the drums and have recently begun to learn to play the guitar. I often go to see live bands and this is one of my favourite ways of spending my spare time

I take an active interest in sixth form activities. I have helped with the sixth form pantomime both this year and last year. Last year I took part in formulating the ideas for the themes and writing the script. I also helped to design and make one of the most prominent parts of the set. This year I have joined the writing committee and will take the same responsibilities as last year for the set.

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